Rectangular identification tags

New look.

pewag always remains focused on continuously improving its products wherever possible. For this reason, our lifting identification tags now come in a rectangular shape that offers several benefits, all leading towards greater safety. The tags are made from corrosion-resistant material and are attached to the sling with a quick-release fastener, also corrosion-resistant, thus significantly improving safety for the user. The idea was to eliminate the errors that were made repeatedly in the past, when users took the number of corners of the identification tag and the chain dimensions to work out the maximum load capacity without taking the markings on the identification tag into consideration. This is due to the fact that in all standard documentation for lifting chains, the number of corners featured by the identification tag corresponds to the grade category of the lifting chain. However, standards only ever describe the minimum requirements of a product and may of course be exceeded. A rectangular identification tag effectively prevents these sort of errors from occurring and offers users the following benefits:

  • Prevents misjudging the carrying capacity of the lifting chain as the user is forced to look at the tag prior to each lifting process
  • When the marking is not observed, the lifting chain will be classed as a maximum grade 4
  • Corrosion-resistant; therefore resistant to acids, caustics and their vapours
  • Easily replaceable due to the corrosion-resistant cable with quick-release fastener
  • All information is engraved, allowing for customer-specific markings
  • Pre-stamped year dates for periodic inspections make the date of the last inspection immediately apparent
  • For periodic inspections, only the month needs to be stamped
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