ISWP Integrated Shortening Element

Perfectly integrated in the chain segment and the chain sling.

The ISWP Integrated Shortening Element is mounted in the bottom third of the chain sling, making it possible to adjust the length from below without having to lower the whole sling.

The adjusting manoeuvre is completed directly in the chain sling and can be done with one hand after a bit of practice. The desired length can thus be achieved precisely and quickly, and the entire process is significantly faster and more accurate than with standard chain slings with shortening elements.

The special design of the chain contact fosters the ideal interplay between the integrated shortening element with its clevis system and the actual chain, eleminiationg the need for reducing the load capacity.

The two-step mechanism protects the shortening element against the unintentional loosening of the chain.
An addicitonal stopper on the last chain link prevents the ISWP from getting lost or sliding through the chain sling.

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ISWP Integrated Shortening Element Code / Type load capacity
Measurement Image ISWP 10 5.000 100 99 78 14 12 2,42