AGWP Load distributor

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The AGWP load distributor is the perfect partner for the assembly of II- and IV-leg chain slings using Connex connecting links.
It fulfils all the requirements of standard load distributors as well as ensuring an optimised force balance. The significantly improved load distribution allows for a higher load capacity (at least 30% with equal dimensions) as all legs of the chain sling are placed under the same load.

In IV-leg chain slings, the AGWP makes it possible to consider all four chains as load-bearing. If two II-leg chain slings are used and one of them is equipped with a load distributor, this system may also be used as a IV-leg chain sling with four load-bearing legs. The extremely flat design also makes it possible to use the load distributor with an angle of inclination of up to 60°.
Special users beware! Due to the higher load-bearing capacity compared to standard IV strand hangers, special attention should be paid to the choice of the appropriate assembly - standard assemblies could have a too low load capacity.

If elimination criteria apply, the load distributor may be rotated by 180°, thereby effectively doubling its lifespan. The full operating manual contains detailed information on this long-lasting product.

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AGWP Load distributor Code / Type Connecting link load capacity 0°-45°
load capacity 45°-60°
Difference L1 / L2
[chain links]
Measurement Image
Measurement Image 2
AGWP 7/8 CWP 10 4.250 3.000 6 für 7 mm Ketten, 5 für 8 mm Ketten 210 51 22 25 15,50 14 15 1,75
AGWP 10 CWP 13 7.100 5.000 4 180 32 25 32 23 15,50 15 1,56
Please use the displayed item in column "Connecting link" to assemble the load distributor in the four-leg sling.
Static test coefficient = 2.5 x load capacity of the respective chain section; safety factor = 4