VUP pewag peCLAMP pro clamp

Meet every challenge.

The VUP is a vertical lifting clamp with universal articulated support ring for lifting, turning and transporting of sheets, steel plates and steel constructions in all directions.

Aligned with a safety lever which, when closed, locks the clamp to the workpiece.

Thanks to the robust construction and the ergonomic, solid shape of the clamp body, it can be used under difficult working conditions.
The pewag peCLAMP pro lifting clamps can also be loaded up to an angle of 120°. The wide loading angle is unique and makes the lifting clamps versatile.

The pewag peCLAMP pro VUP is equipped as standard with a peTAG (NFC chip) and has a permissible minimum load of 10 % of the maximum load. 
The serial number, jaw opening, minimum and maximum load capacity are shown on the terminal body.

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